Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The billion dollar BLOW OFF

The internet has been abuzz this week about that super rich lady in Spain (Duchess of Jessica Alba or something) who is giving up her ENTIRE fortune to marry a civil servant. Apparently, her kids think this guy is a just a money hungry ho-bag and in order to prove that he's not...mamacita is giving up the funds.

I call major foul on this story. This is not a case of BLOWING OFF money for love. First of all, it's not like Duchess of Jessica Alba is giving up the dough to some homeless man on the street. She's giving it to her kids. Are they really gonna let their eighty-five year old mother starve? No. And is she giving up all her assets too? Supposedly...but come on, there's gotta be some painting or secret house she's holding on to that no one knows about.

Personally, I think the real victim in all of this is the civil servant. He thought he scored by marrying a very wealthy and very old sugar mama...and then her bratty little kids decide to get in the way of his future inheritance. Children can be such a burden. It's just not cool when they grow up to be judgmental cock blockers. Apparently, the kids feel their mom already has a shitty track record with marriage and they don't think it's appropriate of her to pull a Kate Hudson and fall all over the first guy that looks her way.

Anyway, would you give up billions of dollars for love? Hell no! Adele once said she'd give up her fame if she could get back together with her ex-bf (come on, Adele. That is SO totally lame.) Ryan O'Neal basically gave up a relationship with his kids for Farah. Constantine from The Bachelor gave up a "love" (AKA a bad lay and a terrible case of herpes) to go back home to Cummings, Georgia with his loud Greek family.

So, what would you be willing to give up loyal readers? A ligament? A family member? Career success? The ability to pee standing up? Your 401K? Comment below.

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