Thursday, August 18, 2011

getting BLOWN OFF, wait for it, in the middle of a date.

This is one of my favorite internet dating stories courtesy of my cousin. She'd met this guy on an online dating site and they'd agreed to meet for sushi. When she showed up at the restaurant, it was instantly apparent to her that she wasn't attracted to him. The guy had pulled a bit of a bait and switch when it came to his pictures.

But my cousin is literally one of the nicest people you'll meet, so she decided to give it a shot. Maybe he'd surprise her. He didn't. Their conversation wasn't really going anywhere and he didn't have much of a personality to make him prettier. They made it through lunch, the bill was paid, and then mid-conversation, he asked her if she'd excuse him for a second. She watched as he went outside, assuming he had to make a phone call or something.

She waited and waited and waited. She went to use the bathroom. He still wasn't back. This must have been a really long phone call. The waitress asked her if she needed anything else and she said no. She finally went outside to check on her date, but he was no where in sight. WTF. He had walked out on her without even saying good bye. She crossed the street to her car and nearly got mowed none other than her date. She gave him a dirty look and yelled something out like "thanks for BLOWING me OFF, you fat fuck." (Okay, she didn't say that). Then she got into her car and started driving, while he started calling her non-stop. He kept apologizing profusely, saying that he left because he could tell she just wasn't feeling it, and that he'd like to take her out on another date.

She said hell to the no.

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