Monday, August 22, 2011

the "mirror, mirror, on the wall" BLOW OFF

I just came across this article about this chick named Kjerstin Gruys who has decided to blow off mirrors for one whole year. She's sworn that she will not look at her reflection for twelve months in an effort to improve her body image. And here's the real shocker...this all coincides with her wedding in six months. Don't worry, ladies...she already has her dress. We can all breathe easy.

All kidding aside, I would fail at this shit in like five minutes.
First of all, I don't have a random J in my first name which is something all people who write dissertations and do weird experiments have in common. Second, I kind of look in the mirror a lot (I like to say that I'm less vain and more self conscious). Apparently, on average-- women look in the mirror 70 times a day. Does anyone else feel like there's no way Gruys can really make this work? I mean, how often do we check the mirror just to see if we have food in our teeth or snot up our nose or crust in our eyes? And what about when we accidentally catch sight of our reflections...say in the rear view mirror when we're driving?

Does this also mean that Gruys can't glance in windows or look at photographs of herself? After a year, would you kind of forget what you look like? More importantly, how the eff would you put on make up?! According to Gruys, she's already trained herself to put make up on blindly. Some of her critics say that she should stop putting on make up all together too, but she claims she needs to for professional reasons. What kind of professional reasons? Is she a hooker?

I give Kjerstin a lot of credit. This is a bold and potentially impossible move what with all the places you'd have to avoid to not look in the mirror. She said she's doing this, because she was obsessing about being fit on her wedding day (call me if she stops exercising too...). Kjerstin said she's had brides tell her it's important to look in the mirror on your wedding day, but she'd rather save that time to spend with friends and family (wait, how long was this girl looking at herself in the mirror before this experiment? Hours?) I'm getting married soon and you better believe I'm going to check how I look before I walk down the aisle. Try and stop me, bitches.

I wish Kjerstin the best of luck, but I also hope when this mad science experiment is over someone with a sense of humor puts her in front of a funhouse mirror or one of those neon lit magnifying mirrors that are put in hotel rooms to make us hate ourselves.

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  1. This girl is bull shit – only someone pretty would be so fucking vain as to not look in a mirror. Allow me to explain –

    She has to be pretty – only someone pretty would think this is a big deal – the world is experiencing a financial meltdown – but uhm there’s a girl who is willing to not look at her body before her wedding? This girl sounds like a hero. It’s a shame that only one man can marry someone so pure. The fucking balls on her -
    Someone ugly or not attractive would be too afraid to open herself up to the ridicule that a statement like this would make.

    This is so self-centered, with out being self centered “Oh you like my haircut? Thank you, I wouldn’t know though, as I refuse to look at my reflection.” So smug and self assured who the hell does she think she is…Would she really be doing this if she didn’t have a date already picked out for her wedding, and a sucker to show up and marry her. Does this mean she won’t go shopping? And if she does how long before her friends are ready to snap from her constantly asking how something looks.

    God I wish I knew this girl. I would try and show Kjersten her reflection every moment like I was a vampire hunter. And if that didn’t work I would constantly point and laugh at her face until she freaked out and examined her stupid face.

    Love the blog – god bless

  2. The great irony would be if she developed an eating disorder during this reflective time of no self reflection -

  3. I love both anonymous comments! I also find this experiment to be contrived. it's one thing to stop or restrain oneself from hating on fellow females who look better, but this is just mocking every girl out there. is it so bad to put some make-up on and run a brush through the hair for us professional working girls (none-prostitute ones)?