Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the slumlord millionaire BLOW OFF

I am typing this post to the sounds of sledge hammers and plaster falling off my ceiling. Our entire living room is covered in plastic and there's dust all over the floor. Long story short, we had a crack in our ceiling that decided to cave in, dropping a good seventy pounds of plaster to the ground. According to my BF, someone could have either been killed or seriously disfigured. All this banging is enough to make anyone's head spin and it doesn't help that it's happening the same week of our wedding.

(Yes. As I'm sure you've already gathered, the founder of this blog is getting married, but don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty of marital BLOW OFFs to write about and we will still have posts from awesome and fun single people.)

Anyway, I could hate on my landlord for this BUT he's actually pretty awesome. He's handsome and nice and always gets things fixed in our building in a timely manner. Hell, he used to live in our apartment, so we owe all the cool decor to him. But like all of us, I've also had bad landlords...none worse than Brock of Brock Real Estate. That's right, I'm naming names.

It was the summer of 2005 and my bestie #1 and I had just moved to LA from New York to live with our other bestie #2. Bestie #2 and I had found this great little house in Echo Park...a three bedroom for $2,300! It had hardwood floors, two bathrooms, black and white checkered floors in the kitchen, parking, and it was HUGE. We filled out the applications right away and were so excited when we got the apartment.

The move in date was mid-August, but we weren't leaving New York til the end of the month so bestie #2 moved in before us. That's when we got the frantic call from her. We had rented the money pit. The house was a disgusting mess when she moved in. No running water, broken shelves, grime and mold in the kitchen, bugs everywhere. She called the landlord, but he barely lifted a finger and everything got fixed at a snail's pace. Until Bestie #2 wrote him a super hot letter specifying all the codes he had broken and that he could potentially have a lawsuit on his hands. At that point, he shaped up, but only after screaming at her on the phone a couple of times. The guy was evil.

The girl that lived in the house behind ours once told us she found a bunch of old toys in a storage unit and told Brock he should donate them to families that were Hurricane Katrina victims. His response: Sure, he could, but he'd rather use those two hours to sell houses. We also came to learn that the woman that lived in the house before us was a crack head who didn't return her keys after she got evicted and he never changed the locks. In the back of our minds, we always wondered if she would move back in one day. We had some good times in that house, but it pained us every month to write a check to a slumlord.

So, have you guys had any crappy renting experiences that made you decide to break up with your landlord and find a new place to live? Vent about it in our comments section below!

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  1. I love that one of the reasons you love your landlord is because he's handsome!