Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the BLOW OFF questionnaire: meet Claire

We at the BLOW OFF are sick of ourselves and want to hear more from our super awesome readers. So, we've started our newest column: the BLOW OFF questionnaire. Way less pretentious than the Proust Questionnaire and much more informative.

Our first brave reader to fill out our questionnaire is the lovely Claire. 20something. Lives in LA. Will most likely be the head of her own production company or studio by the time she's thirty.

I hate guys who...think it’s ok not to text or call… for days.
I love guys who... are silly!
My worst break up was...with my first love, of course – and we broke up twice.
My easiest break up was...with the guy who I just stopped calling.
My three deal breakers are... no job, no car, cats – am I a bad person?
I've been in love 2 times
I've had my heart broken 1 time
I've broken 0 hearts
My go to sad break up song is.....Happy by Leona Lewis
My go to "fuck you" break up song is....Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake
Angelina clearly out of her damn mind.
Reality most of my life.

And no, Claire. You are not a bad person. Cats are lame. Want to answer our questionnaire? Simply copy the above, replace Claire's answers with your own, and email us at with a photo.

OMG. This song is so damn catchy.


  1. I'M FAMOUS!!!

    haha I feel SO special!!!!

  2. You're totally famous. You will go down as the first person in history to have filled out the blow off questionnaire. You will totally be in our coffee table book when we get one.

  3. crossin it off the bucket list