Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the BLOW OFF questionnaire: meet Toby

Meet Toby, happily married for four months. Originally from Nashville, Toby now lives in LA and looks better in hats than pretty much all British people.

I hate guys yoga.
I love guys who... make me laugh.
My worst break up was...when Taylor Harris dumped me in the 5th grade.
My easiest break up was...when I dumped a guy in college because he fake inhaled.
My three deal breakers are...cargo shorts, hair gel, and dudes who don't read.
I've been in love 5 times
I've had my heart broken 0 times
I've broken 2-3 hearts
My go to sad break up song is... Maggie May
My go to "fuck you" break up song is...Cock in My Pocket by the Stooges
Angelina Jolie...made the right move with Brad Pitt.
Reality TV...holds no candle to Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

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  1. Wow, heartbroken zero times?! Lucky girl. Can I have that number?! :)

  2. For reals! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post inspired by that answer.

  3. Not everyone has thin, floppy hair! Some people were born with coarse hair that sticks up all over the place without hair gel!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you, Toby, and your anonymous picture...