Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BLOW OFF revenge: get famous & write an album

If I wasn't tone deaf, I would totally try to become a famous singer so I could write albums exposing ex-bfs for their crappiness. I mean, isn't that the only reason people want to become musicians? So they can fulfill that fantasy of singing a song to someone they either love or hate who's unsuspectingly sitting in the audience with their mouths agape? Let's be real here, getting famous and hugely successful is the best BLOW OFF revenge.

Anyway, here are a couple artists who did just that.

Mike Posner. One of our loyal readers brought him to our attention awhile back. While I'm not a huge fan of his "Cooler than me" song, I'm kind of into his song Red Button. It sounds a little like Justin Timberlake and I'm a sucker for someone who likes to flaunt their fame. My fave lyric is "Cause you let me go in December and I got signed in July. You must think that I don't remember. Cause now you call me all the time." Snap. Note to self: don't ever dump someone if there's a chance they might get a record deal. The other best part of this song is that it references him and his ex going back to the year 2000, but according to Posner's Wikipedia page, he was only 12 back then. So, is this song about a girl he met in 7th grade or what?

The current reigning queen of BLOW OFF music is Adele, duh! She could basically do no wrong in my book and I am totally obsessed with this video of her talking about the inspiration for the song Someone Like You. Don't fret Adele! You will find love again!! Personally, I am glad the douche she was dating broke her heart. Without him, we'd never get the album 21. Muah, douche!

What are some of your favorite all time break up albums? Comment below!


  1. I have a feeling that Mike Posner was probably more like 20 in 2000:) Can you imagine an entire diss song to a 12-year-old? Although the idea that this could be about a poor 7th grader makes me laugh. She's probably like, "I just didn't want you holding my hand in study hall! How'd I know you'd get a record deal after college?"

    Adele. God. That song's just so sad. I have a hard time with this song because that's sort of my great fear re: the recent ex. I expect to hear about his engagement announcement any day now. I think the idea of that hurts because we picture exes in a kind of Happily Ever After that doesn't exist. The flip side of that is something that happened to me right after college. My first beau (and I thought Big Love of My Life at the time) married the girl he cheated with and had kids and the whole thing and I was so, so devastated. Then they got divorced. And then he called me saying the last time he was happy was with me. And I remember finding that really pathetic and feeling very, very over him. It didn't feel like a victory but I remember feeling happy to have proof that I could get over anybody if I could get over that situation.

  2. Fave break up albums: Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Or any Feist album. Not technically break-up albums but they feel like they are when you're breaking up. Also, guilty pleasure break-up songs: In My Place & The Scientist

  3. Um, ad naseum--- I think you need to devote a post to comment #1. That is crazy!