Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook, your boss, and the BLOW OFF

I love social networking and Facebook is my jam, but I'm nostalgic for the days when it wasn't a total minefield. You know, the early days...when your Facebook friends were actually real life friends in your peer group and not your much older co-workers or bosses. These days, one simple status update or one wrong mobile upload can create a shit storm.

So, what should you do when your boss or that co-worker you despise friend requests you? Do you just BLOW them OFF? Do you accept and then immediately block them...only to be asked days later why they don't have access to your wall? The whole blocking thing is very tricky. People notice when they've been given limited access to your profile page. But what's the alternative? Allowing higher ups to see pictures of you sporting way more cleavage than you would at work and showcasing your drunk lazy eye? It's a lose-lose situation. My Bro-in-law's philosophy was to accept the friend request, give it a few weeks, and then delete the person, but that just feels way too risky for me.

Facebook has definitively blurred the relationship lines when it comes to work colleagues. It makes it way too easy to view your employer as your friend and not what they really are...the boss of you. And trying to navigate both versions of that relationship can be exhausting.
At my old day job, I would periodically sneak out for writing meetings and play it off like I had a doctor's appointment. And just to cover my bases I would post status updates like "I hate waiting rooms" or "it sucks to be sick" only to then have five friends text me to see if everything was okay and that they read on Facebook that I was at the doctor. There was no way the work me and the real me could co-exist.

But you can't exactly deny your boss their friend request. And they can't exactly deny you if you're the one that makes that move (which is really dumb, why would you ever do that?) just gotta suck it up. Your drunk pictures do not need to be posted on the internet-- no matter how fun you look. Who am I kidding, drunk pictures are the best. Below is one of my favorites of myself. Thank Jesus I'm self-employed.

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