Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the "it's not fun anymore" BLOW OFF

My bestie recently caught a rerun of Jenny McCarthy on Oprah where McCarthy blamed her split with Jim Carrey on the fact that their relationship "wasn't fun anymore." Bestie and I both agreed that is probably the most effing annoying reason for a break up.

Basically, it's a really nice way of saying...I was miserable. or Jim Carrey is off his fucking rocker. Any of those reasons would be more acceptable, because saying that the relationship wasn't fun anymore implies that relationships should always be fun. They're not! Relationships get really really hard. Things aren't going to be fun when say you lose your job or your house gets foreclosed on or your teenager gets knocked up or one of you gets diagnosed with cancer. We can't just bail on each other the second things get hard, peeps!

This is a new kind of McCarthyism. The kind where you just hop from relationship to relationship until the honeymoon phase wears off. Or end things before you really get to know a person. Or once you've learned all the lessons you were supposed to learn from that relationship-- which is Jenny's other reason for the demise of her relationship. Ugh. Learning lessons is just something we tell ourselves happened after a break up, because we don't want to feel like we just wasted months or years of our lives.

Anyway, Jenny was supposed to get a talk show on OWN, but her and Oprah decided to break up and part ways. According to a Harpo rep "The parties mutually agreed several months ago not to move forward with the project." But according to Jenny McCarthy? I'm guessing it just wasn't fun anymore.

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