Monday, September 19, 2011

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: Expectation VS Reality

Some of my friends had a very visceral reaction in their dislike of the movie 500 Days of Summer. I get where they're coming from. Zooey D's character is pretty darn annoying, what with her perfectly blue Anthropologie wardrobe and spontaneously adorable jaunts through Ikea...not to mention that perfect singing voice. Plus, she strings the perfectly sexy hipster JGL around. And then after she dumps him, is super lovey dovey with him at a wedding, and then gets engaged to some random dude right away, even though she spends the whole movie pretending she's way too evolved for love. Lame. That said, I liked the movie so much that when peeps complained about Summer's character I had to kindly remind them that the movie was not told from her point of view. But after giving it more thought, a character should still have depth and not be a distant ho-face even if the story isn't told from their perspective.

Anyway. Love it or hate it, I think most of us can relate to the below clip. How many times have we gone to a party where an ex was going to be in attendance or gotten "let's catch up" drinks with someone we've dated and hoped or wondered if the night would end up reigniting some sort of spark-- only to then have it go a completely different way. Let this be a lesson to you boys out there. Stylishly hip girls who love The Smiths and Ringo Star are fickle bitches. Luckily for JGL, he gets to rebound with Minka Kelly at the end of the movie. He learned his lesson, why date a quirky emo girl when you can have a Maxim cover girl instead?

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