Thursday, October 20, 2011

the biggest flirt BLOW OFF

this is not from my jr high. It's a pic of Dean Gaudagni and Aileen Callagy. Class of '78 Biggest Flirts, Terra Linda High School. Thank you, Google images!

Our junior high yearbook had the superlative "biggest flirt." No joke. We were actually rewarding thirteen year olds for their sexual overtures. WTF. This is wrong on so many levels and no-- I'm not just bitter that I lost "most spirited" to the BLOW OFF's very own Single Asian Female. (Just for the record, loud is not the same thing as spirited, Kayoko.)

But really, this means as early as our pre-teens, we've been taught that the way to relate to the opposite sex is to flirt with them. I've noticed that this can be distressing to people once they're in relationships. We're so accustomed to interacting with each other via flirt that it's kind of hard to pack it in once you're committed to someone. We think we're being outgoing and friendly...when in fact we're being slightly inappropriate.

The H-bomb had this problem and it used to be the source of much conflict early on in our relationship. And it usually involved waitresses. For some reason, most guys can't order food off a menu without being a little too jokey with the girl serving them. My dad had this problem too and he's like a really good husband. We're not talking hard-core flirting here (like "if the rack of lamb is as good as your rack, I'll take it to go") BUT it was just borderline enough where I swear the waitress was giving me "I'm so sorry" looks.

I finally had to explain to him that there's a difference between being friendly and pleasant and flirting with a person. It took him a little time to figure out what I was talking about and I think for awhile the poor guy was so self conscious, he ordered food using the same verbal intonations as E.T. But now he's stays on topic and knows to wear a cup to dinner so I don't kick him in the nuts under the table if he starts talking to Mandy like they're life long friends.

What do you think, readers? Is flirting harmless or should we all reign it in a little once we're off the market?
Duane and Aileen today.

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