Thursday, October 6, 2011

BLOW OFF myth busters: at least I didn't sleep with her

There's a BLOW OFF myth that I'd like to extinguish and I think some of you boys are going to be pretty happy about it. It appears in the early stages of dating, some of you dudes (SOME of you) don't sleep with a girl if you're not sure you're really into her. Cause if you fuck her, then BLOW her OFF, you're an asshole.

Well, guess what?! If you skip the fucking and get right to the blowing off, then what do we get out of it?

I know what you're thinking. "If we have sex with you, you'll get attached, and you'll freak out when we decide it's not working". This is all accurate, but chances are, we'll get attached without the sex and freak out on you why shouldn't both of us get laid in the whole crappy process?

I dated a guy once for about a month who seemed really into me in the beginning. We had a few hot and heavy make out sessions, but things eventually fizzled out and that was that. I liked him a lot (good banter can go a long way), so I was bummed out that it didn't work, but I was also really annoyed there was no sex involved. Not closing the deal actually made me pine after him more. I was rejected and left to wonder whether or not the sex would have ever been as hot as the make out sessions. PLUS, it would have been nice to see my "number" go up by one. A small difference I know, but enough to make me look back on my twenties as wild and adventurous.

Anyway, at the time I remember venting about the situation to my friends and describing it as totally pointless "because we didn't even have sex." Yikes. That sounds like something a hoochie mama would say. But I've had other hoochie mama friends say the exact same thing. Why go through all the hassle without any of the fun? It turns out the pre-sex BLOW OFFS might actually be worse than post-sex BLOW OFFS...which means the guys that aren't putting out are actually the bigger assholes.

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