Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the PR statement & the BLOW OFF

what's up with celeb couples riding bikes together? normal people dating life, the length of a relationship usually delineates the form of the BLOW OFF.

For instance:

One date = no BLOW OFF or a text BLOW OFF
2-5 dates= phone call, email, or text BLOW OFF
5+ dates and/or 2 months= phone call, email, or in person BLOW OFF
3+ months= phone call or in person BLOW OFF
6+ months= in person BLOW OFF

So, how long does a celebrity couple have to date in order to warrant the PR statement confirming or announcing the split? I ask this question, because it was reported yesterday that Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio had broken up and their reps confirmed the BLOW OFF by reassuring us that they remain friends. Uh, was that necessary? They dated for like two minutes. I bet some of you didn't even know they were dating. I only want official break-up confirmations from celebrities who have been together for over a year, are married, or have kids (in or out of wedlock). I only have a certain amount of space in my brain to store pop culture information (and by a certain amount, I mean 75%. Okay, fine 80.) and I don't need that space cluttered by pointless break ups we all saw coming from a thousand miles away. Please, stop the insanity.

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