Monday, November 14, 2011

the disappearing girlfriend BLOW OFF

I have a couple of pet peeves when it comes to my fellow card carrying vaginas (girls who wear Juicy Couture, girls who have no female friends, girls whose faces are totally different colors than their necks) BUT it's safe to say my biggest pet peeve is...

GIRLS who totally fall off the face of the earth when they get a BOYFRIEND.

Yes, I've written about this phenomenon before and apparently boys do this too, but I think it bears repeating. (Plus, I think I was too nice about it the last time). This is like totally sacrilegious in the code of female ethics, but so many of you hoo-has are guilty of committing it. I know we've all neglected friends when we're in relationships and we've all been neglected by friends in relationships, that for the most part it all kind of cancels each other out. Yes-- it's inevitable that when you're dating someone, other parts of your social life suffer in order for you to fit them in. Eventually, you achieve some semblance of balance and nobody's feelings get hurt. But unlike the last post, I'm not talking about girls who do that. I'm talking about girls who vanish. Like poof, abracadabra, they've opened the boyfriend portal and once they've stepped into it, they're gone. In time, you're not sure if they're dating someone or if they're dead.

Generally, these are also the same girls that expect to be called back right away when they're having any sort of life crisis. The kind of girls that cry on your shoulder for days on end when they're going through a break up and then can't be reached once they've met someone new. (Okay, full disclosure-- usually you are kind of happy to be done spending all your free time consoling this girl, but still. Rude much?)

I feel like these girls need to be stopped. We all need to take a vow to wait at least a week to call them back after they come crawling back from the boyfriend portal. AND we all need to stop being that girl. You can have a boyfriend (or husband for that matter) and still have time for your friends. I mean, don't you at least want to see them to talk their ear off about your new man?

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