Monday, November 14, 2011

SNL: Need a good cry? Listen to Adele.

SNL has been pretty sucky this season and weirdly enough, the funnier sketches are usually turning up closer to the end of the show. In case you guys missed it-- this was my favorite skit of this weekend's episode. Not only does it have a Friday Night Lights reference, but it makes fun of how sad Someone Like You by Adele is. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sorry loyal readers! The original clip is down, probably due to NBC not clearing the music rights to the sketch. To watch the skit, click here and skip to the 52 minute mark. xoxo


  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing. I would cry too if I missed that wing special and heard Adele. Since the youtube link is down, you can find the skit at 52:10 here:

  2. ugh, the link is down! thanks Danny for letting everyone know. I've embedded the SNL episode, skip to the 52 minute mark or so to see the clip. Im guessing SNL didn't clear the music rights which is why it's hard to find!

  3. Double ugh! Even embedding the whole episode doesn't work. Go to the link and then scan to the 52 min mark to view. Sorry readers!