Thursday, December 15, 2011

celebrity couple flashback: Claire Danes & Ben Lee (1997-2003)

It's sad how little I can find on the internet about Ben Lee and Claire Danes, because they were kind of an it couple in the late nineties/early Oughts amongst us chaps in our late teens/early twenties. Although, they seriously look twelve in that picture.

Here's what I can remember about these two. Claire was besties with Winona Ryder after starring in Little Women with her. She had a big crush on Lee and as a surprise, Winona flew him in from Australia for Claire's birthday (cause what are besties for?) They started dating, fell in love, and lived in a loft in Soho together. I remember being super jealous of Claire Danes at the time. For starters, I wanted to live in Soho and be best friends with Winona Ryder. And if I was, I would have cashed that favor in for Ethan Hawke (1990s Ethan, that is) OR Leonardo. But the fact that Lee was kind of goofy looking just made me think Claire Danes was so not shallow. Plus, he got points for being Australian and a musician.

Ben and Claire were inseparable for years. I even heard they went to couples counseling to keep their relationship going. She famously left Ben for Billy Crudup who left his 8 month pregnant gf, Mary Louise Parker (who reliable sources have told me is a huge bitch-- jury's out if she was one before she got ditched for Danes or if that was what turned her.)

Now, more than ten years since they started dating, Claire is married to Hugh Dancy and Ben Lee is married to Ione Skye (Yes, Diane Court from Say Anything). They had a Hindu ceremony, of course. A guy I liked had mutual friends with Ben Lee and eventually discovered his love for tofu and meditation. So, I guess I can thank Ben Lee for helping me get over him.

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