Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the "I hate your effing friends" BLOW OFF

Here's the scenario...you meet the perfect guy/girl, things are going really well until...you meet their friends.

AND THEY SUCK. Like really, really, suck.

It's a conundrum, y'all. Sure, it's not necessarily a reason to cut bait, but if this is someone you're even remotely thinking about spending the rest of your life with, then you're stuck with their friends for good. You'll have to invite them to all your parties, go on double dates with them, maybe even take the occasional vacation.

The worst kind of friends, in my opinion, are the kind that can't spend a single holiday apart and live in a world of their own personal jokes and experiences. Whenever you're around them, they love to talk about that thing that happened five years ago that you have no idea about, because you didn't even know these people existed five years ago. This generally means they're not a very open and friendly bunch. A great majority of the h-bombs friends all went to college together, so it can be a little intimidating to hang out with them en masse, but I just choose to be annoying and constantly ask who and what they are talking about. But for the most part, I like his friends (minus the ones that were on drugs and acting like hot messes at our wedding). Plus, after six years together, most of his friends are my friends and vice-versa.

Sometimes, the whole friend conflict can completely ruin a relationship. My sister and her college boyfriend were very happy together until they graduated and moved to the Bay Area near a bunch of his friends from high school. Suddenly, their entire social life revolved around spending the weekends with them. She never clicked with them and felt like she never got to see her friends anymore. Eventually they broke up and he moved out of their apartment and moved in with his friends.

What about you readers? Have you ever run into major conflicts with the friends of your significant other? Did you invite them over for dinner and feed them rat poison and bury them in your neighbor's backyard or did you find a more mature way to resolve your issues? Comment below!

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