Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm breaking up with movies and dating television

The Oscars used to be my favorite holiday. My parents would let me stay home from school (back when it was on a Monday) so I could bake cookies and celebrate the occasion appropriately. The first Academy Awards show I remember watching was the one where Dustin Hoffman won best actor for Rain Man (my parents also let me watch rated R movies when I was eight) and I was horrified he forgot to thank Tom Cruise in his acceptance speech. And then I moved to LA and realized it wasn't just one night of giving away awards. There's a whole season dedicated to campaigning for a trophy and sending out screeners of award worthy movies. Lately, it turns out the actual build up to the Oscars is a lot more exciting than the awards show which has become way too predictable. I haven't seen a lot of the movies this year, BUT there's not too many I'm excited about. And with the exception of a few, the ones I have seen have been just okay. It's safe to say that these days, television makes me want to BLOW OFF movies. Seriously. Television killed the motherfucking movie star.

I'm hard pressed to find any movies that give me the same goose bump factor as one hour of Homeland or Parenthood or Game of Thrones. Or any movie that made me laugh harder than 25 minutes of Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office. TV shows take more risks than movies do. They attract the most talented writers, directors, and actors. These days everyone is getting into TV. Dustin Hoffman? He's got a new series on HBO (Luck- it's supposed to be great). AND when you watch the Emmy awards, there are actual surprises. Someone like Kyle Chandler can beat Jon Hamm for a best actor nod. Harvey Weinstein has nothing to do with them!

I know nothing can replace the experience of watching something in a movie theater, but going to the movies is starting to feel a little like air travel. Ticket prices are getting way too expensive, the food is getting worse, and you never know what asshole you'll be sitting next to. And no one in the movie theater turns off their electrical equipment.

I always knew people with "Kill Your Television" bumper stickers were crazy snobs. If you think watching a show like Mad Men or Shameless is a waste of time, you're wrong. These are shows that make us think about the human condition and articulate emotions we couldn't articulate on our own. TV is an art form and we need to start treating it like one. The Kardashians? Totally absurdist.

Television is my jam and I don't even watch Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy (something I plan to remedy.) So, let's give it the respect it deserves. And let's hope the movie studios step it up. I miss being excited for the Oscars. This year, I'm just excited for the Golden Globes (the TV categories, that is.)

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