Monday, December 26, 2011

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: They hate me. They HATE me.

This pop culture blow off is dedicated to all of you that are spending the holidays with your significant other's family for the first time. Here's hoping it went better for you than it went for Meredith in The Family Stone. I have mixed feelings about this movie. It's got a great cast and a good amount of funny awkward family moments, but I'm not sure it meets its full potential. Side note, is it just me or all uptight female characters in movies named Meredith? Either way, it did get me thinking about the anxiety around joining another family's traditions for the holidays.

Believe it or not, this was the H-bomb's first Christmas with my family. He LOVES Christmas and he's vehemently against fake Christmas trees*, which is what my parents have up in their house-- but I'm guessing he handled the whole thing with aplomb (I'm writing this pre-Christmas, so for all I know, he could have shoved the fake Christmas tree in the fireplace, while screaming "Santa is my homeboy!"). Families are different. His fam goes all out with the gift giving and my family does a secret santa gift exchange. I have to give my parents props though. We were pretty much the only Iranian family amongst my relatives that celebrated Christmas, because they didn't want us kids to feel left out at know, like all the Jewish kids.

My first Christmas with his parents was great. It was the first time I ever spent a holiday with another person's family, and I had to do a couple things that were out of my comfort zone (go to the south, play golf, go to church) but unlike the Stones, they made me feel welcome. They even got me my very own personalized ornament and we were allowed to stay in the same room. Every holiday since has been awesome. What can I say, I got lucky. If the same can't be said for your holiday with a foreign fam, then hopefully you're at the mall drowning your sorrows in some major return/exchange therapy. And if that doesn't help, remember-- next year, you get to BLOW OFF their family and hang out with yours!

*UPDATE: My parents got a real Christmas tree. Looks like I won't be heading to divorce court any time soon.

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