Thursday, December 15, 2011

the shit girls say BLOW OFF

We realize this has already circulated all of Facebook and the entire internet since it was uploaded on Monday, but we had to post it on the BLOW OFF.

I am guilty of the following:

What's wrong with my computer?
Could you do me a favor?
Could you not do that please?
Could you pass me that blanket?
Could you turn it up a bit?
Can you just turn it down a bit?
I had to get up like at six this morning.
Digging constantly through my purse.
Listen to this email
Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen
Shut up!
I hate trying on clothes.
Do I look like a doily?
First of all, ewww.
I know, right?
Loud crunching.

Okay, so basically I don't really ever ask people to go into my purse or what my password is.

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