Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the list & the BLOW OFF

Have you guys ever made a list of all the things you want to find in a significant other? I'm guessing if you're a dude, the answer to this question is wtf are you talking about. But us ladies love to make lists. I type up a to-do list every Monday for what I want to accomplish that week. I actually divide it into three categories: work, errands, and work out schedule. It's psycho, I know-- but I get such satisfaction when I delete something off my list.

I have actually never, ever, made a list of things I wanted to find in a significant other. I'm sure I've had a mental check list of sorts, but nothing that was ever committed to paper. And then of course, there's making a list of everything you DON'T want in a significant other, which is what our resident Single Asian Female did so eloquently in her type-matrix post.

The first time I ever heard of the concept of making a list, it was The Real World Boston (season six) where that chick Kameelah had a list of like 100+ things she wanted in a guy. This chick was hard-core. I couldn't even think of 20 characteristics if I tried. I did a little research online and Kameelah is now an ob/gyn in Manhattan! No word on whether she found a man that fit the bill, so someone in NY please go get your vagina checked by her and report back to me!

Anyway. Since hindsight is 20/20, here's what my list would look like now:

*likes pugs
*smells nice
*likes my family and friends
*doesn't leave toothpaste in the sink (I have a major toothpaste phobia. I will not let the H bomb brush his teeth within 20 feet of me)
*is never rude in restaurants or taxi cabs.
*likes TV
*loves me more than Jesus
*can get me off
*eats lots of different kinds of food
*thinks I'm funny

Someone told me recently that the #1 thing you should look for in a husband is whether or not he'd make a good father (assuming you want children). I'm ashamed to admit I never completely factored that in with the future father of my children. He is a little awkward and uninterested around kids, but he's great with our puppy, so I think that's a good sign. And since our kids will be half-Persian, they should be fairly furry.

Despite the father thing, overall, I'm glad I never made an actual list of all the things I wanted in a boy. Most of the things you think you want in someone end up being pretty inconsequential. Am I totally wrong here? Is anything less than sticking to our "lists" just settling? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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  1. I personally think it's OK to have a list of what you want in a mate. And just like the "to-do list" some of us write for ourselves every week or every month, if we just check a few off as DONE by our deadline, it was still worth writing the list in the first place. Some is always better than none in life.