Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the "love like you're never going to get hurt" BLOW OFF

You know that somewhat old adage on greeting cards—dance like no one’s watching, have sex like you’ll never get an STD, love like you’ll never get hurt? I’ve been thinking recently—that’s the worst effing advice ever. Not the STD part (most can be prevented and treated) but the love part.

Seriously. If I had loved all my exes like I was never going to get hurt, the post BLOW OFF shock would probably send me in a downward spiral of the—lock myself in the bathroom and cut my flesh just to watch it bleed—variety.

I guess I prefer the philosophy “better safe than sorry” when it comes to relationships. There’s a difference between having the guts to put yourself out there VS. diving into a relationship head first, assuming this is it (and telling all your friends this time it’s for real-- you’ve found the one). If you go into the early stages of a relationship convinced nothing will go wrong, then chances are on top of getting hurt, you’re also going to be left feeling embarrassed/humiliated/foolish. I mean, no one wants to prematurely change their relationship status to “in a relationship” on Facebook only to change it to “just kidding” a few weeks later.

I know this probably doesn’t sound very romantic. And we can’t walk around in protective armor 24/7, petrified that the other shoe’s going to drop…but maybe it’s not such a bad thing to mentally prepare ourselves in case it does. To love like you’re never going to get hurt (i.e. worry about the pain later) is a little like eating Paula Deen recipes and being blind-sided by type 2 Diabetes. Some of you die-hard soul mate believers probably think I’m a Debbie Downer, but maybe we’d all love a little better if we went into things accepting the fact that they might not pan out*. It might allow us to play it cool without pretense. So, what do you think readers—do you go into every relationship under the “love like you’ll never get BLOWN OFF” guise or is it best to leave that sentiment for Taylor Swift songs? Comment below.

*Unless you’re getting married cause divorce is SUPER inconvenient.


  1. Two months and zero comments... Maybe 'blog like no one is reading' is more appropiate.

  2. that would be funny if it didn't come from a guy who reads this blog in a sad and pathetic attempt to feel close to a woman that never even talks about him anymore.