Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glossary of a BLOW OFF: the Christie Brinkley Effect

The Christie Brinkley Effect
function: noun
Origin: since the first hot girl and the first ugly guy got together.
Definition: When an average to below average guy ends up with a woman way out of his league and gets their ego so inflated from it, they actually believe they can do better than her.

I was just witness to a break up like this: a dorky guy completely scored with a girl way cooler than him in every way, only to abruptly break up with her after two years of dating (and living together). Our contributor Ad Nauseum told me this is what she and her friends call the Christie Brinkley effect. In her own words:

Basically, a guy who gets a girl who's way too good for him eventually grows resentful (instead of realizing what a good thing he has going, like a girl would). That resentment turns to a kind of emotional violence and leads him to do something destructive like break-up/cheat (the most common outgrowth of this)/emotionally abuse her. Also, having the girl better than them makes them think they're now better than they are. They don't understand that it's a one-off lucky situation but now their confidence is out of proportion to themselves and they have no perspective. We named it after Christie Brinkley re: her divorce from Billy Joel because he cheated. HE fucking cheated.

According to Ad Nauseum, guys like this usually never find anyone better and inevitably come crawling back once they realize this. Stupid suckers!

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