Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Save the BLOW OFF

When I first started the BLOW OFF two and a half years ago (and 700 posts ago!), I envisioned a site that would post break up texts, emails, and stories from our loyal readers. See the about us section. And that's still my hope. That one day, like Post Secret, we will get inundated with so many break up stories from readers that we'll have to hire interns to sift through all of them and decide which ones to post. Which will lead to the ultimate fantasy: a coffee table book.

There were a couple things I didn't take into consideration...mainly that people don't really want to talk about their break ups. When those wounds are still too fresh and too raw, we're not really ready to make light of them. And we're also not in any condition to pour our heart out or admit how much pain we're really in, because we don't want our family members to have us committed. Also, I didn't take into account that in order to get the BLOW OFF stories pouring in, I'd have to do some good old fashioned marketing. But...I'm not good at self promotion. Aside from our Facebook fan page and a tank top I made on Zazzle that I wear to the gym and a bunch of business cards I never hand out, I don't market the site.

Plus, the BLOW OFF has always been a side hobby. A writing exercise to keep me in practice. And a way to indulge the teenager in me who still makes mixed CDs with Tori Amos songs for friends that are going through break ups.

*BUT* it's getting more and more time consuming to maintain the site. I told myself I would give it three years before deciding I should quit it all together. November 2012 will mark our three year anniversary. That's in eight months. I don't know that I'll ever have it in me to BLOW OFF the blow off. It's like any relationship. I've invested too much time and energy to just abandon it at this point.

So, I have a request dear readers. Save the BLOW OFF. While you're spending 2012 making Kony famous, spread the word about the little blog that could. It is your comments and emails that have kept us going for the last 2+ years. Share our posts with friends. Follow us on Twitter (@theblowoff). And most importantly, we need content to keep us going. After you've sufficiently cried your guts out over your break up and forced yourself to get out of bed, send your story to Don't worry about whether you sound clever or funny. We don't care about that. We're interested in authentic heartache-- of the relationship or career variety. Or anything you can think of. We respond to all inquiries. Cause let's face it, this site would be nothing without stories like this one or this one or this one.



  1. ok i've sent my story in, facebooked, tweeted... i will not let this go easily. i will fight for the blow off!

  2. Let the lack of stories sent to you be a compliment. People don't want to send stuff in or write comments when they can't be as witty as you!!! Keep on fighting. This may sound sappy, but the fact you are here and available to read every day is a source of comfort for me in my own writings.

  3. This one's a doozy-