Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BLOW OFF questionnaire: Meet Alexandra!

I'm so excited, we have our first reader answering our questionnaire that doesn't know me personally! That means she wasn't guilted into doing this by years of friendship or threats that I would expose her deepest darkest secrets. Yay, Alexandra! Though I have never met her in person, I dig her photo. Also, she has a fear of airplanes and oceans which I can totally relate to. Alexandra was born in LA, went to school in NY, and she's now a copywriter for Barbie. Some of her favorite things include wine, avocados, Murder She Wrote, and Terriers. I feel like we're best friends already.
I hate guys who...are insecure. Grow up. Be a man. I like you.
I love guys who...make me laugh. Beards are good too. I love the hairy ones.
My worst break up was...when the cherry-popper left me for an ex. I was 18. And crrrrrrrrushed. Dick.
My easiest break up was...when I moved from NY to LA without him. Easy breezy.
My three deal breakers are...not being able to hold your drink, lack of motivation, and bartenders.
I've been in love a gazillion times, but not really.
I've had my heart broken 1 time.
I've broken 3 hearts and my pelvis.
My go to sad break up song is.....These Days by Nico
My go to "fuck you" break up song is....Fighter by Xtina Aguilera (I'm so ashamed.)
Angelina Jolie...pretty for a witch.
Reality TV....nothing more boring than watching dumb women eat salad and shop.


  1. Amazing. I love hairy guys too!!!

  2. I hope your pelvis was broken whilst practicing tantric.

  3. i really want to beat up the cherry popper!