Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the BLOW OFF questionnaire: meet Danielle!

Guys! We have our second questionnaire participant who I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person. There's nothing I love more than people who read the BLOW OFF even though they don't have to worry about me breaking into their houses and checking their browser history to see if they've been supporting the blog. Love you, strangers! Anyway. Meet Danielle. She is a California girl that was transplanted (against her will) to a state with actual seasons...Massachusetts. She's 31 and married to an awesome guy (even though "he moved me to this god forsaken state"). Danielle and her husband have a beautiful daughter together. She loves TV, yoga, sarcasm, horror movies, punk rock, ellipses, her daughter's smile and her husband's laugh. Awww. Holy sweetness!

I hate guys who...try to control me.
I love guys who...love me enough to marry me :)
My worst break up was...ugh...my high school boyfriend dumping me after convincing me not to go away to college.
My easiest break up was...dumping a guy I had only been seeing for a couple of weeks. I could see the fat kid inside of him that was dying to get out. (I know, I'm a heartless bitch) Also, he was way too nice and I wasn't ready for that.
My three deal breakers are...no sense of humor, no ambition, bad hygiene.
I've been in love 3 times- high school boyfriend, guy before my husband, my husband.
I've had my heart broken 3 times (my husband broke my heart while we were dating)
I've broken 2 hearts- nice guy and my best friend's brother that was in love with me. He was too nice too...
My go to sad break up song is...Anyone Who Had a Heart- Dionne Warwick or Never is a Promise- Fiona Apple
My go to "fuck you" break up song is....Sleep to Dream- Fiona Apple
Angelina Jolie...I can't help it, I LOVE her! I was never a Jennifer Aniston fan.
Reality TV....is my guilty pleasure! My husband and I watch all the MTV reality shows, the amazing race, survivor....ugh, we watch way too much tv! I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette on my own.


  1. I definitely need to hear more about the high school boyfriend that convinced you not to go to college-- that deserves a post all its own. Please send! Also, want to hear about your husband breaking your heart, because that one has a happy ending and i'm all about those for the blow off!