Monday, April 16, 2012

if you didn't BLOW me OFF, I would have never met my besties

When my high school boyfriend dumped me my sophomore year of college, I was totally gutted. It was my first real break up and I didn't know how to get over it. I felt like I was dying a slow painful death. I had fantasies about setting happy couples on fire. Even a cute new haircut couldn't pull me out of the abyss. In the words of Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites, I was in the Bell Jar. Plus, I felt like I'd hit the statute of limitations with my friends and could no longer burst into tears and flail around my dorm room screaming "why me? why God?!" They were sick of it.

I decided the only way to ease the pain was to become super productive and busy. It was time to join things. And that's when I discovered the Film Arts Coalition. Plus, I was planning to transfer schools and I needed some shit that would look good on my college applications. It was a win-win. I met some cool people when I joined FAC, but once I opened up about my break up, a few of the girls in the club quickly became my new best friends. They went into overdrive to help me get through my heartbreak. The first remedy: listening to as much Tori Amos, Liz Phair, and Ani DiFranco as possible. They loaned me a shitload of CDs and told me to listen to Northern Lad by Tori Amos stat. Maybe I had lost a boyfriend, but it didn't matter anymore because I had gained some really awesome girlfriends.

Twelve years later, two of those girls-- Tanya and Jen--are still my besties.
Jen & I at my wedding.

Jen lives just down the street from me in Los Angeles. We're in the same book club. We meet at coffee shops to write together. We commiserate about our careers and tell each other we will be wildly successful one day. She's a writer/director, but she's also a life coach on the side--- which means I get free life coaching advice just by hanging out with her. She's wise and has the best laugh ever. She's also my favorite person to feel awkward with at super fancy LA parties.

Tanya & I. Yes, these are gratuitous wedding pics-- but the point is: that's how close I am with these girls.

Tanya lives in the bay area with her husband and baby boy. She's such an amazing friend that she came to my wedding even though she was a month away from giving birth. We lived in NY at the same time for a few months and we survived the 2004 black out together. Even though we don't get to see each other that often, we are always texting and emailing. We even have a running personal joke that the other person is in the looney bin. Trust me. It's funny. Like, when we email, it's always like-- found a super cute strait jacket on Amazon I'm sending to you! Hope you're taking your meds. We also have a shared love of actors with three names-- like Gael Garcia Bernal and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

So, if super insignificant high school boyfriend never dumped me, I would have missed out on two incredible friendships. He was a blip and these bitches are going to be visiting me in a nursing home someday.


  1. this is my favorite blow off entry to date!

  2. omg, really? That's like the greatest compliment ever.

  3. Sara! I love it! You are a wonderful story teller and a treasure in my life :) I'm so honored to be a part of your crazy person ramblings! I'm glad they're letting you use the computer again. Well...I'm off to a threesome with Gael and Joseph. Love u!

  4. hahahah, oh Tanya. I told them to block the blow off in your insane asylum so you wouldn't know what was going on with me. hope the electric shock therapy goes well today, love you more!