Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Forgetting Day!

I know this is a day about remembering and it's actually about soldiers, etc etc BUT when applied to old relationships, most of us just want to spend the day drinking enough Korbel 'til we black out and wake up the next day forgetting all the unworthy people that have seen us naked.

Luckily, I remembered this gem of a pop culture BLOW OFF way back from November 2009-- the very first month this little blog started.  Thanks to Kayolks (aka SAF) for writing this post.  She probably wouldn't admit this at the time, but back in the day, she had a little break up par-tay and this movie played on the TV the whole time in the background:

What if we could delete all of our horrific blowoff stories from our minds forever? I woke up this morning thinking about this-- would you?

Character-building is so overrated-- there are some experiences in life that should have never been explored. This is where Lacuna saves the day.

NO! I will most certainly NOT meet you in Montauk!

-posted by SAF, November 12, 2009

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