Tuesday, May 8, 2012

men who cry and why I love them

I don't understand why society conditions men into thinking it's not okay to cry or show emotion.  What they should be telling you guys is that crying is actually super hot.  Maybe it's because you dudes only do it on rare occasions and that when you do, it finally proves that you have emotions and are not robots, but it gets me every time.  Here are just a few men in my life that cry and I love them for it.

My dad: A lot of people can recall the first time they saw their dad cry.  I can't, because my dad cries all the time.  Iranian men seem to get a bad rap for being macho and cold, but they're actually totally in touch with their emotions.  Here are some random moments through my life that I have seen my dad cry: at the end of The Little Mermaid when Ariel decides to leave her dad and go live as a human with Prince Eric.  The episode of My So-Called Life where Ricky, the gay teen, is left homeless and he meets an angel.  Pretty much anytime he reads a Father's Day card or a birthday card.  When I leave San Jose after visiting for a weekend.  At my wedding.  The list goes on and on.  I feel lucky that my male role model in life was never afraid to show emotion.

My brother: Hopefully, he will not kill me for outing him to the world as a dude that can cry, but he  had no choice considering who his father is.  I usually see my brother cry over girls.  He's kind of managed to have this amazing balance of a guy who totally has game, but also happens to be really sensitive at the same time.  I think this might stem from watching The Notebook one too many times as a teenager.  But I'm grateful that if he ever has daughters or sons, they will be raised knowing it's okay to cry once in awhile.  But not everyday, that would be really embarrassing.

My uncle: I'm pretty sure I've seen all of my uncles cry at one time or another, but my youngest uncle gets the best cry award.   He's only one year older than my mom, so maybe growing up with a sister so close in age helped him channel his sensitive side.  He's the kind of guy that can cry over a song or a poem or just at the sight of his family being together.

My husband: So, we have been together for over six years and the guy does like to play it cool most of the time, but he's also not the type that keeps everything bottled up.  Over the course of our relationship, I've seen him get emotional or shed a tear or two, but just a couple days ago was the first time I saw him cry.  Like really cry.  And it was over our puppy-- which I'm sorry, but there is just nothing hotter than a man crying over a puppy or a baby.  I honestly don't think I've ever loved him more.  I think he'd be okay with me advertising that on the internet, because he knows it does not diminish his manhood one bit.  Also, seeing him cry meant a lot to me, because just the night before he walked in on me having an emotional breakdown during Oprah's interview with that family in India that lives in the tiniest place you've ever seen.

Here is the one exception to the men who cry are hot rule.  John Boehner.  The terrible orange spray tan just ruins it.  And so do the terrible politics.  So, boys.  Next time you want a girl to fall head over heels for you-- don't BLOW OFF your emotions: cry in front of her.  It's hot.  Ask anyone.


  1. my dad is also very emotional, which breaks my heart, but also i love it!

    does crying over sports count?

    and i hope the puppy is ok!

  2. My Grandfather is very emotional, at certain times. Each time I go to visit him in Florida he cries when he picks me up from the airport, at dinner when we are "cheers-ing" and most notably when dropping me off at the airport. Definitely pulls at the heart strings!
    I once dated a guy who was more emotional than I. Which is clearly a problem, since I wear my heart + feelings on my sleeves. I was asking myself and girlfriends if it was real.. or just a front to see my reaction. I had to end it... Too much drama over nothing.

  3. Your dad: I LOVE him.
    Your brother: Hottest cousin anyone could ever have!
    Your husband: My favorite!

  4. I love you AM!!
    Tiffany, that is so sweet about your grandpa, i especially love that he tears up when your cheersing at dinner, my dad does the same thing! and it would definitely be a problem if i ever dated a guy more emotional than me. I cry at least once a day.