Thursday, May 3, 2012

the size totally does matter BLOW OFF

I was suffering from extreme writer's block yesterday, so I polled my Facebook posse for blog post ideas and consensus was: small penises. (Thanks, SLM).  Also known as micro phallis.  (Thanks, JPB).  This one is going to be hard for me, because I have never had experience with small penises.  I've only been with guys that are extremely well-endowed, because that's how I roll.  Okay.  That's not true.  I have only seen a handful of penises up close and personal and luckily only one of them was on the too small side.  That said, I didn't blow the poor soul off because it.  Beggars cannot be choosers, people.  And...he totally dumped me for a girl he met on tour. 

Anyway, I'm more of a motion of the ocean kind of a girl.  And, I'm five feet tall which means my tiny vagina can only handle so much.  (Just kidding, apparently-- vaginas are not proportional.)  Maybe a small penis is actually a good handicap.  Like, you know how blind people have really good hearing?  Well, I think guys with small penises are extremely good with their hands and mouths.  The guy I did hook up with who was on the smaller side of the spectrum was very talented in other areas.  It's more of an ego thing.  None of us wants to be the girl that ends up with tiny penis guy.  Oh, side note.  I have a sleuth way of taking measurements since you can't necessarily whip out the measuring tape during foreplay.  Just measure your hand from the bottom of your wrist to the top of your middle finger and see where he measures up.  According to the internets, average penis size is 5.1 inches.

To be fair on the whole subject of body parts...what about small boobs?  Is this a deal breaker for guys?  My friend swears that there is no such thing as boob-men and ass-men.  That all guys are boob and ass men and that all guys love big boobs.  I'd like to think she's wrong, but that's because I am on the flat chested side.  

So, where do you guys stand on the topic of body parts?  Have you ever BLOWN anyone OFF because you needed a magnifying glass to see their peen?  Comment below. 


  1. I am also on the smaller side so I actually prefer a guy on the smaller side. YES I SAID IT AND IT'S TRUE. I also prefer them to be better with hands and mouth anyway.

    And I also truly believe there are guys who like big boobs and those who like small boobs.

    I have a male friend who is constantly reminding me that he is well-endowed. It makes me wonder what he's compensating for...

  2. When it comes to boobs, all you need is a handful. I personally prefer a girl to have perky boobs over zeppelins. Frankly, big boobs can be intimidating.

  3. My 1st was 9 inches. He made sure I measured him. I had no idea that wasn't normal until much later. Rest assured no permanent damage was done to my tiny vagina. The next bf was none the wiser and thankfully I didn't feel deprived. We had great sex. Maybe even greater. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Now, I'm only slightly concerned about ending up with a small penis for the rest of my life. Honestly, sex is so much more than a big penis. I'm not mad that I can say that from experience though ;)

    On the flipside I have huge boobs. Are they really intimidating? That explains a lot.

  4. I wear size D, and have been self conscious of how they to men...smaller breasts always appear more uniform and perky to me, whereas the bigger they get, the tougher to stay perky :(

    And the best sex I've had was NOT with the largest penis...not by a long shot.

  5. I wouldn't worry. There are plenty of men who LOVE LOVE LOVE big boobs. But if you have small ones there are plenty of men who LOVE LOVE LOVE small boobs. Point is men love boobs.

  6. this is my FAVORITE comment thread ever! And i do feel a bit validated to know that some guys like small boobs. my friend said the only guys that say that are the guys who are with girls who have small boobs and don't want them to feel bad. i once dated a guy who was an artist and he said mine were perfect, so i'm just going to keep telling myself that. but they are small and i'm worried that one day when i get off the pill they will shrink even more.

  7. Sadly, I know a bit about this subject lol. Lets just say I've done my research over the past 10 years and only once did I blow someone off cause it was too small. and by too small, i mean "is it in yet?" too small. On the same note, I've also blown someone off because it was just too big! Never thought that was possible but it most definitely is.

    Size matters aside though, its usually the guys attitude/approach/foreplay that REALLY matters. As long as you're not on the super tiny or mega huge ends, if you can please a woman, (size, hands, or mouth) then you're good!

    As far as boobs go. Having far too many male friends and hearing the convos on it, it just depends on the man. I know guys who love huge boobs. I mean the bigger the better. Then other guys who couldn't stand that. They love smaller boobs, a nice handful they can do something with. I've also met men who just love women. Men who love women of all shapes and sizes just because they love the femininity of women. (PS - those guys are usually the best in bed lol). I've met ass men who hardly cared about my size D boobs. And I've met boob men who don't care about asses. And again, men who love it all.

    I think it all just comes down to preference. There's someone for everyone, at all sizes!

  8. I have a big boob preference, but through many, many drunk experiences with low-standard-having women, I find that girls with smaller boobs know how to "work it" WAY better. I think girls with big boobs, have always had to work less hard, because they're more confident and get jocked more. Girls with smaller boobs may have an inferiority complex and insecurities, making them want to please even more. I guess the same may be said of guys with smaller penises.

    I also think that it matters the most how you carry yourself. I have hooked up with a gal who had "A" size breast, and she was sexy as hell, confident, had a nice butt, and I never got "whiskey dick" and could go for a LONG time. I just thought she was so sexy. I've also hooked up with girls with no curves at all, but a pretty face, and I'd find myself having sex with her just looking at her face and how pretty she was. Anyhow, I think it's all about being confident in your own skin. Not, like, farting and burping confident, but "I'm a woman and I'm sexy no matter what" confident.

    Great topic and post!