Monday, June 4, 2012

dating for a good cause

So, my amazing cousin is competing in a triathlon to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma and she felt a little guilty harassing people for donations.  Her friend suggested she ask guys to donate for the cause in exchange for a date with her.  I thought this was a genius idea, but she thought it felt a little like prostitution.   But prostitution is totally acceptable if it's for charity, right?  What do you guys think?  Should my single, athletic, gorgeous, tall, super model of a cousin solicit donations for dates?   Comment below.  If the yes's beat the no's, then she'll actually do it and send us all of her dating stories.

Oh, and if you're feeling generous and don't even want a date out of it, click the link to donate to the cause.  And if you do want a date, but want to know more about the eligible bachelorette, email us at


  1. if i donate will she set me up with a guy on a date if i donate? Sara - you can pick a guy instead if your cousin doesn't live in LA

    1. I can totally work on that! What's your criteria?

  2. I will give $5 for every date that she goes on. Can someone help arrange the dates???

  3. Okay, we really need to find a way to make this happen for my cousin and for Film Girl. Come on, boys and girls. I know you have single friends that need dates, get on it!

  4. What state is she in? What are her interests? What type of food does she like? Let's find her some dates.

  5. I think it's a great idea! A date isn't prostitution - it's not like she's promising to sleep with them. It's for a good cause. :-)

    Plus, we want to hear the dating stories! ;-)