Monday, June 11, 2012

even turtles BLOW each other OFF

Poldi & Bibi back in the good old days
Next time you are feeling down in the dumps about that relationship that ended after a few months of dating think of Poldi.

Poldi is a turtle in the Austrian Zoo who has been living with Bibi for 115 years. That's like since 1897 folks. Bibi (the female) was the first to BLOW OFF Poldi when she started attacking him and biting his shell. The zoo has now separated the two, but have tried everything from feeding them aphrodisiacs to counseling to trying to get them to play games with each other to get the spark back-- but nothing's worked.  The director of the zoo even said they get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore. 

Apparently, it's very rare for animals who have been together for so long to separate.

Poor Poldi.


  1. Poor Poldi!! :-(

    115 years, yeesh...

  2. Is it strange that I almost shed a tear after reading this?

  3. it's really sad! I wonder if turtles can get dementia. Maybe Bibi just doesn't know who Poldi is anymore.

  4. That is terrible! :'(