Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In search of our very own Coach Taylor

I spent last Sunday at one of my bestie's birthday celebrations.  The party consisted of a bunch of girls going to a dance class and then toasting each other with mimosas at brunch.  My friend, the birthday girl, is the kind of person that has a way of making everyone discuss their greatest hopes and dreams, so at brunch, we all had to share what our biggest wish for the year was.

My favorite answer was as follows: I wish to find my very own Coach Taylor. 

Sigh.  Coach Taylor.  As played by Kyle Chandler in one of the greatest TV series of all times Friday Night Lights.  Y'all know I'll find any old excuse to write about FNL.  This blog probably has more posts about FNL than actual BLOW OFF posts, but I don't care because TEXAS FOREVER. 

Anyway, this got me thinking that we all need to stop obsessing over Ryan Gosling and start giving Eric Taylor his due.  He's the one man none of us ladies would ever BLOW OFF.  In fact, boys, next time you are out on a date with a girl, ask yourself "what would Coach Taylor do."  The answer is not screaming at your date while she does a series of football drills.  

Here are just a few things you could learn from Coach Taylor...(warning: there are some spoilers)

He would NEVER cheat on his wife.  I don't think he so much as had a conversation with another woman his age who wasn't a real estate agent or the cracked out mother of one of his football players.  He and Tami had the best television marriages of all time. 

He LOVES his daughters.  Even little freaky looking Gracie.  Remember when he lost it at that teacher who had an affair with Julie?  And remember all those ping pong games they played in the garage together?  Men who are good fathers = eternal hotness. 

Yes, he can be stubborn and even a little sexist and self-absorbed at times, but when push came to shove, he did not stand between Tami Taylor and her dreams. 

He's not all tortured and sensitive.  Some of you touchy-feely emo-loving boys need to man-up.  It's great that you have a feminine side, but if we didn't want a guy with a masculine side, we'd all be lesbians. 

He can solve like any problem.  Give him a paraplegic ex-quarterback, a school on the east side with no football budget, or a kid whose dad died in Iraq and he will make it all better with one really well written monologue that was probably mostly improvised. 

He's super nice to the elderly.   He was always such a gentleman with Matt Saracen's adorable senile grandmother.

He has a way with words.  If a guy said "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" right before sex, I'm pretty sure I would have multiple orgasms for life.  

He's sexy without trying too hard.  I don't think we ever saw him with this shirt off and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't even know what to do with hair product.  And he looks really good in pajama pants.  The man makes visors and sunglasses holders look hot.  He can pull off blue and red.  Enough said.

He sacrificed his own life when he helped removed a homemade bazooka from a patient in a hospital.  Okay, so that was Kyle Chandler's guest stint on Grey's Anatomy.  But you know if Coach Taylor was hanging out at Seattle Grace, he would have done the same thing. 

Basically, his only flaws are that he loves football and he always forgot to give Tami advanced notice when he invited people over to their house for dinner or a barbeque.


  1. Coach Taylor helped shape the woman I am today.

  2. i totally noticed a change in you once you started watching friday night lights.