Thursday, June 14, 2012

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: Game of Thrones

How depressed are you guys that the second season of Game of Thrones ended last week? (I waited for all of you DVR peeps to write this post, because I didn't want to ruin anything). The show holds a special place in my heart, ever since the H bomb and I spent most of our honeymoon reading the series (I read book one, he read book two). He tried to force me to read the second book as well, but what's the point of reading a 1,000 pages when HBO has done such an awesome job adapting the books into a TV show? Game of Thrones is actually my favorite show to watch while also playing with my iPhone, which means I constantly force Bry to pause it to explain to me what just happened. Sadly, I just don't have the attention span to watch an hour of uninterrupted television anymore. But I still love it.

Also, if you're dating someone shitty right now who can't be bothered to return your texts or take you out on a proper date, then hopefully this clip from the finale episode will cheer you up. Prince Joffrey is hands down the worst fiance ever! He's also probably the most hated character on television right now. Here's a little recap of his relationship with Sansa Stark. Obvi, there are huge SPOILERS below.

Prince Joffrey's "dad" was King Robert Baratheon. Sansa's dad, Ned Stark (from the north) was appointed the king's hand. This is like the king's best bud and #1 adviser.

Sansa gets promised to Prince Joffrey and is totally hot for him, even though he's a complete prick. I sort of get it. If I was twelve and in seventh grade and Joffrey went to my junior high, I would totally be all up in his grill. 

The king dies and Joffrey's next in line to take over the throne, but Ned Stark learns Joffrey isn't Robert's biological son. (Joffrey's mom was fucking her brother and Joffrey is a product of incest!) Before Ned can expose this news to all of Westeros, Joffrey has him arrested for treason. He tells Sansa that he will spare her dad's life as long as he confesses to his crimes. 

Ned confesses to treason, but Joffrey chops his head off anyway in front of Sansa. Then, he puts it on a stick and makes her look at it. What a dick.

Sansa's still stuck being engaged to Joffrey even though she hates him and secretly wants to murder him, but before she can get her revenge, Joffrey dumps her in front of everyone for Margery. The chick from The Tudors.  Um, did I mention he beheaded Sansa's dad?!

Fucking Joffrey! I hope he gets his balls cut off and becomes a eunuch.


  1. You forgot that he made Ned kill her wolf because the wolf scratched him. The wolf obviously sensed that he was a complete dick and wanted to kill him before he got too close to Sansa. Not as bad as chopping of her dad's head, but close.

  2. oh shit, i totally forgot about that!!!! If I were Sansa I would go Winterfell-direwolf-beyond the wall on his ass!