Monday, June 18, 2012

something MAJOR happened to the BLOW OFF

Guys. Remember last week's post from Shira H on A Girl's Guide to Assholes? Well, it was such a hit that the BLOW OFF got an email from a big time book agent who loved the post. Now Shira's in the midst of writing a book proposal.

I'm not kidding. Didn't I say someone should give the girl a book deal?

So...stop hoarding your awesome break up stories and send them to us at You never know. The first time you contribute to the BLOW OFF could be your one giant leap towards publishing a book. What better break-up revenge is there than becoming a published author on the bestseller's list, traveling the country for book signings?


  1. Rad! Go Shira! Go Blow Off! IT was funny!

  2. As if I needed another reason to be bitter about Boy Sassypants. Fucker couldn't get me off, let alone a book deal.

    1. I'm telling you, there will be a blow off coffee table book someday and we will all be in it!

  3. Sara,

    That picture is so funny!!