Monday, June 25, 2012

the weekday boy BLOW OFF

I was having lunch last week with one of my favorite friends I've made since living in LA and while we were discussing different "industry folks", we kept looking over our shoulder, just to make sure the people we were gossiping about weren't sitting right behind us. Do you guys ever do this? I'm kind of the queen of it. I could be talking about John Quincy Adams and I'd check behind my shoulder to make sure his ghost wasn't chilling at the same diner as me.

I always feel a little bit neurotic and paranoid when I do the left shoulder/right shoulder peek, but the friend I was with told me an amazing BLOW OFF story of when she suffered a major OH (overheard).

She was living in the Bay Area at the time and she had been dating a guy for about a month. She was really into him. He was super hot, exciting, and rich enough to drive a vintage porsche. BUT...there was one minor red flag. He seemed to only have time to hang out during the weekdays. CUT TO:

She's at a sushi restaurant with one of her close friends and she spends a good portion of the meal discussing her new man and how much she likes him. She obviously uses his name in the conversation, describes what he looks like, what he does for a living, the kind of car he drives, etc. You know, all the general stuff we'd divulge to our friends. CUT TO:

The next day. Vintage Porsche man calls her to say they can't see each other anymore. When she asks him why, he reveals--- get this--- that she was sitting next to his *GIRLFRIEND'S* best friend at dinner the previous night and she overheard her gushing about him.

This was the first she learned about the girlfriend, but it sort of explained his weekend absences. And seriously, what are the chances that she'd be sitting next to the GF's BF?! I guess even if she had looked over her shoulder she'd never know. In the end, I suppose the overheard was a blessing, because it prevented her from investing more weekdays in a guy that was already spoken for. And the good news is, she's now married to a great guy and they have the happiest most beautiful baby girl. Let this be a lesson to us all. A dude that only wants to hang out Monday through Thursday is bad news.


  1. If you knew your history, you would know that John Quincy Adams and his ghost both hate diners.

  2. exactly. that's probably why he likes to haunt them.

  3. first of all, i hope i work with her husband.

    secondly, this story is amazing

  4. Film Girl, you do not work with her husband. That particular female has an amazing BLOW OFF story though about a very famous celebrity that I am not allowed to post on this blog.