Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bella cheats on Edward? WTF!

I am so not a Twi-hard. In fact, I'm the queen of reading one book in a series and never getting around to reading the rest. I read the first two Twilight books, watched the first two movies, and then decided that Robert Pattinson did nothing for me and quit that shit.

But this is dishy. And if it's true, Kristen Stewart may need to go into hiding. Cause you know there are teenaged girls out there who will want her head on a plate for cheating on R Pat.

Seriously though, what is wrong with people? If she really did cheat on her super pale boyfriend with the married, 40 year old, father of two, director of Snow White and the Huntsman, then fucking ewwww. Ugh. This girl is the queen of rolling her eyes at all Hollywood cliches and it turns out she's one giant cliche of her own. You kind of have to feel bad for her a little bit, because girls in their twenties make mistakes, but not all of them have to worry their boyfriend will find out by having it plastered all over the internet and in Us Weekly. Luckily, she has shit tons of money and front row seats at fashion shows to numb the pain.

Jesus. This is like Britney and Justin all over again. Anyway, more as this story develops. As of right now Kristen and Rupert Sanders (the married director) reps have not commented on the story. And everyone knows a story isn't true until a publicist releases a statement. But for now, who should Robert Pattinson date next? I vote for Felicity Jones.


  1. Really, Saaaara!!??! I honestly don't think you know sh*t anymore. R-Pat and K-Stew are both gay. Tell me how many tabloid pics of them have you seen where they're passionate with each other? We're talking about two of the hottest teen heartthrobs and we cab barely capture them in the supermarket together, much less humping each other in the ocean water like normal couples. Your gadar has seriously declined.

  2. OMG! Katy Perry is hooking up with John Mayer???!!!

  3. I really don't think they're both gay! I think they are just those actors that take themselves way too seriously and don't think the public deserves to see them hold hands or kiss. if they were gay, they would go the tom cruise route and make out all the time to pretend they were straight. John Mayer is gross!!

  4. Bella is so classy. Please review:


  5. Had to share a friend's fb post

    There's a long list of things Kristen Stewart needs to apologize for, first being the wife and kids of the family she ruined, then for her acting, then for her sour face and bitchy disposition, and then to her supposed boyfriend she obviously doesn't love that much. Home wrecking whores need to be shot.