Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the mike and ike BLOW OFF

Okay, after doing some research, I realized I was about three months late to the Mike & Ike break up party. That's because after I learned on 60 minutes that sugar = death, I stopped eating candy.  That's a lie, I still eat candy.  I just never really ate Mike & Ike's.  But then I got to hang out in a cabana in Vegas (thanks cousin!) and they had a basket full of snacks and that's when I took the above picture.  What the F?  What happened to Mike & Ike?  All of our drunken Vegas asses were trying to figure this shit out and for whatever reason, there is no cell phone service in Nevada and we couldn't Google it. My favorite theory was that the religious right made a stink about the name of the candy.  They probably thought if kids ate Mike & Ike's they'd turn gay.

Anyway: some packages have Ike crossed out-- because he's spending too much time on his grafitti art. Other packages have Mike crossed out-- because he's spending too much time on his music.

The sad truth is...there actually is no Mike or Ike.  They're not real people a la Ben & Jerry.  The company that owns the brand doesn't even know where the name came from.  But regardless, this is a genius marketing campaign, even if it's exactly like the time Ken and Barbie broke up.  And of course, the company is doing it to get young people's attention.  God, young people get everything!

Also, we were not paid by Mike & Ike to post this. But for the record, I would be down to kill myself slowly with a lifetime supply of their delicious fruit candy.


  1. woot woot. you saved me googling time!

  2. It would be so much cooler if they were doing it to support gay marriage. Theory being that if gay people can't marry then Mike and Ike won't stay together and make delicious fruit candies! I'm just glad this isn't a trend..what would be next? Tart 'n Tiny?