Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the text message quitter

Guys. Here's when text messaging is appropriate:
-Making plans
-Telling someone you're running late.
-Telling someone you've arrived at wherever you're supposed to meet.
-Sexting and/or romantic little text notes.
-Possibly "happy birthdays" if you feel like you need to go above and beyond the Facebook wall.

Here's when text messaging is absolutely not appropriate EVER:
-Quitting a job.
-Breaking up with someone you've had more than fives dates with and/or slept with.
-Texting, while driving.  Obvi.

We've talked about the break up thing numerous times, so let's focus on people that quit their jobs via text for this post.  Cause apparently there are people out there that think this is totally okay like my sister's nanny.  I was hanging out with my sis over the weekend when she received a text message from her son's nanny saying and I quote "my schedule no longer allows me to work on weekdays.  I'm really sorry about this."  No phone call.  No two weeks notice.  All from a grown woman that's taken care of my (incredibly adorable) nephew for seven months.   The text did not come after any sort of falling out or disagreement.  They had a perfectly good experience with her thus far, but the girl knew what she was doing was totally shitty and she didn't have the guts to tell them she was quitting over the phone.
They called her in response to the text message, but got her voice mail.  Did I mention my nephew is beyond adorable?

My cousin had a similar experience when the dental hygienist at his practice (who he had spent the last six months training) sent him a text in the middle of the night saying she wasn't going to go to work the next day or ever again.

I don't get it.  Maybe it's because I've got this work ethic/immigrant mentality instilled in me by my parents, but the only way I would ever quit a job is by telling my employer in person--- face to face.   The only time the text message quitter is okay is if you're boss is abusive or a sexual harasser.

Maybe we need to invent some sort of text screener that doesn't allow texts to get sent if a person is trying to dump someone or quit a job.  You would just get a response that read:

Your text cannot be sent, because you are an inconsiderate pussy.

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  1. yes, there must be an app where you put in your potential text and the app tells you if it's appropriate or not!