Thursday, July 26, 2012

THE until something better comes along BLOW OFF

Let's get real for a second.  When you're used to being in a relationship, the prospect of being single can be terrifying.  I know we all like to pretend that we're awesome at being on our own, but I'm sure a great majority of us have stayed in unhappy relationships because it was still better than nothing.  And we figured, why not kill time with this person until something better comes along?

Raise your hand if you've done this.

I think deep down that was the reason I stayed together with my high school boyfriend when I entered college.  It was my first "serious" relationship and the first time in my life I'd gotten used to having someone.  And since he was the first guy that liked me enough to be my boyfriend, I think part of me worried he might also be the only person that wanted to be my boyfriend.  In hindsight, staying together was a huge mistake.  I missed out on so many potential fun college hook ups.  And I ended up breaking up with him only when something better came along.  And when the something better didn't pan out, I ended up getting back together with him, which again was a big mistake because I missed out on so many potential fun college hook ups.  I totally missed out on my lesbian stage because of that guy.

And then there was the famous six month boyfriend who I totally dated just because I was tired of being single, especially when all my friends were in relationships.  The whole time we dated, I remember thinking of the relationship as a filler until I met someone with better hygiene (seriously, I think I dated the only guy that had bad hygiene who was still super OCD about germs.)

Anyway, sometimes I think-- what's the harm in hanging out with one person, while biding your time for something better to come along?  I know it's important for all of us to learn to be alone, but being single is way less fun when everyone around us is in relationships.  But I guess you just have to hope no one better than you comes along for the person you're dating.  Then you're shit out of luck.

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