Tuesday, August 7, 2012

an interview with the Silicon Valley Bachelor

One of the BLOW OFF's favorite contributors AKA Kevin Leu AKA the Silicon Valley Bachelor just published his first book entitled Berating Others on Your Way to a Lifetime of Happiness: That, and Dating Around the World.  We thought we'd do an exclusive interview with him and got his take on everything from The Notebook to the asian fetish.  Enjoy!

The BLOW OFF:  Tell us a little bit about how you decided to write the book, how you published it, etc.

 Silicon Valley Bachelor: Well, my Mom doesn't fully understand the difference between a screenplay and a book. So, when I came back from LA - unsuccessful in selling my screenplay - my Mom would always ask, "when are you going to publish your book?" And, each time, I'd patiently explain to her that a screenplay is not a book. Finally, after several months of explaining this to my Mom, I said, you know what? I am just going to publish a book.

I took some of the most popular posts from my blog, SiliconValleyBachelor.com and wrote several new ones that were racier, raunchier, and possibly criminally incriminating for me. I went through a company called CreateSpace and two months later, after numerous editing sessions, I published it and gave a copy to my Mom. Who promptly said, "now you can write a serious book." Tiger Moms.... sigh.

TBO: What's the single best piece of dating advice you can offer to girls reading this?

SVB: If you like a guy, don't put out on the first date. Or second. Or third. You can figure out a guy's true intentions by seeing how long he'll come around even though he's not getting any. I try to have sex on every single first date, except for with girls I really like. In that case, I only try to cop a feel.

TBO: What's the single best piece of dating advice you can offer to guys reading this?

SVB: Find a girl who's got her own thing. If she has a career, a passion, her own solid group of girlfriends, she'll bring so much more to the table. You'll get the occasional night out to hang out with the guys, she'll be less needy and jealous, and you can both grow separately and together as a couple.

TBO: What's something people would be surprised to know about the silicon valley bachelor?

SVB: I'm a hopeless romantic. I love movies like Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Pretty Woman. And I cried like a baby during The Notebook. He was reading her their story every single day just for a few moments of remembrance!!! I would've just told the docs to pull the plug if she so much as gets a cold and then remarried.

TBO: You have a girlfriend now (I think)-- how do you see that effecting the exploits of the silicon valley bachelor?

SVB: Now I write things more in theory and from memory. I had 12 years of pretty much undisturbed party, traveling, and hitting on girls. It was a good run. There is always some aspect of dating that I hear about from talking with friends, and it reminds me of stories that I have experienced in my past. I probably have 10 stories I have stored in my phone's notes section that I'll get around to writing.

TBO: When you do settle down one day, what's the thing you'll miss most and least about dating?

SVB: I'll miss the thrill of "closing a deal." Knowing that you can gain the affection of a woman in minutes, through drunken, witty, slurred conversation, and that there might be the possibility of sexual relations in the near future. It's like the thrill of surfing for some, or skydiving, or hunting. There's a joy when you catch a great wave, or hit a golf ball perfectly, or feeling that tug on your fishing pole and reeling in a huge catch.

The thing I'll miss the least? Hitting on unattractive women, because they're the only ones around, and them thinking they're hotter than they are and act like b*tches.

TBO: What's your take on the following:

The white guy/asian girl fetish thing

SVB: Well, I don't think all of it is a fetish thing. I honestly think that sometimes the white guys can't pull a hotter girl of a different ethnicity. And the Asian girls are more forgiving of a guy's looks/height, etc. I also think that some Asian guys need to learn to be more aggressive and assertive. It's just not very prevalent in Asian countries. You're taught too much to be respectful and humble, whereas those behaviors are not rewarded in our ultra-aggressive American culture.


SVB: My thoughts on this have evolved over the years. I've encountered some really f*cked up situations and I realize that there are some crazy folks in the world. I always said that I would never be with someone who cheats. If I ever found out, I wouldn't be like Hilary Clinton who stuck with Bill. I would've voted for her for President if she had left Bill. I've also seen societies where cheating is common - Latin America - and maybe the divorce rate is lower because of the occasional philandering. If both parties are getting theirs, and it's don't ask don't tell, who am I to judge it? So basically, I have no idea.

Booty Calls

SVB: I love them. Everyone wins. The key is to not make the booty call to the same girl too often. Wait a week or more before having any correspondence again, so no one gets confused with emotions.

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  1. not sure how i feel about this guy

  2. I think he sounds like a real douche.

  3. wait, is the tattoo real on your arm? I need to know that before I can decide on the douche factor. I'm also pretty sure anonymous is my husband.

  4. Tattoo is fake. Duck lips and sideways hat are real. And why doesn't your husband have a profile picture and pseudonym?!? It's time!!! And it's okay, I often get that queasy, disgusted feeling after looking at myself in the mirror for too long. I know how he feels.