Friday, August 31, 2012

BLOW OFF song of the day (sort of): A Million Years by Alex Ebert

Okay, so this is totally not a BLOW OFF song, but it's the weekend of my 1st wedding anniversary and I'm feeling sentimental.  I wish you all a labor day weekend filled with love.  To kick off your weekend of glorious hook ups, here's the first song the H bomb and I danced to at our wedding.   It feels good to know our marriage has already lasted five times longer than Kim Kardashian's.

My notion of love devotion
Was a corrosion of mind
Then come cupid and now I'm stupid
And I feel it's just fine

Like exploding face
I'm gonna tell the world
Been a million years full of fears
But I found my girl.
-Alex Ebert, 2011

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