Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Kind Of Insulting When Celebrities Don't Try to Sleep With You

I'm not here to put anyone on blast, but I must get this off my chest. When you are at certain places in Los Angeles you will see celebrities, that's a given. Been there, done that, blown that line of coke. But there are always those select few that will still give you butterflies in your stomach. I saw one of them this past weekend and he's known to be much more than a bit of a man-whore.  Now while this is probably a turn off for normal girls, this gets me wet. I mean, I have to exert enough effort in every other part of my life. If I can meet celebrity X and he wants to go in the bathroom of the restaurant pull my weave and give me an orgasm and a great story for the rest of my life, how can I not check that off my bucket list?

Now here's the thing. Celebrity X totally eyefucked the shit out of me a few months ago. So he obviously wants to hit this. Now, I run into his this weekend and nada, zip, zilch. He's a man-whore and didn't attempt to have sex with me? What is wrong with him? He will sleep with ugly, anybodys and didn't try to sleep with me? I'm officially insulted. Talk about a blow (no pun intended) to my self-esteem. Starve Yourself Sundays might extend into all of next week now.

Some women might think this is disrespectful and wouldn't want a ride on the town bicycle. But this is LA baby, I'm ready to straddle that seat. And if I do run into him again, game on motherfucker!


  1. when i got married, i was kind of sad that my childhood fantasy of one day dating a celebrity would never come true. i guess there's still a chance that my husband could get really famous?

    1. Your husband is famous!
      He is my favorite :D

  2. Really!?!? No name!??! Not even a clue???

  3. I was able to guess who it was...