Wednesday, August 15, 2012

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: "he has fucking cancer, you lunatic"

Below is one of my fave break up movie scenes in recent times. 50/50 was a surprisingly good film about a cute hipster guy's battle with cancer. Unfortunately, the whole terminal illness thing ends up being a deal breaker for his girlfriend (played by Bryce Dallas Howard.) Beeotch is like hours late to pick him up from chemo and then she cheats on him. In all fairness, I wish Howard's character was a little more three-dimensional, instead of being played as the typical vapid female. There seems to be a Hollywood epidemic of annoying girl characters getting paired with the super-earnest Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Anyway, this scene makes me wish I could have had Seth Rogen there to take my side during all my worst break-ups.   Also, in the above photo, they destroy a painting the girlfriend character made him.  I highly recommend making a ritual out of destroying a gift from the person that screwed you over.  It's very therapeutic.

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