Friday, September 7, 2012

Revenge of the BLOW OFF: airplane bomb threat?!

What is it with crazy exes? I feel like when two people go through a break up there needs to be a mandated period of time where each party is subjected to daily psych evaluations and placed on a heavy regiment of anti-depressants.

I just heard this story about a psycho ex-girlfriend who called authorities claiming Christopher Shell (he ex-bf) had boarded a US Airways flight from Philly to Dallas with explosives. The plane turned around after takeoff, landed at the airport, and six Navy Seals apprehended Shell.

Turns out the guy is just a salesman who was the victim of a hoax orchestrated by his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend...who will most likely face federal charges. Bitches be crazy!


  1. Jesus, what happened to just cutting them out of all of your photos???

  2. Holy shit. Almost as bonkers as this one:

    But thank god for bitches like this...makes the time I stole my ex's bike after he dumped me seem like no biggie. ;)