Thursday, September 6, 2012

the BLOW OFF: scientology style

I've been fascinated all week with the story that surfaced about Tom Cruise's arranged dating life PRE-Katie Holmes.  It's common knowledge that he interviewed a bunch of actresses before settling down with "Kate" but what wasn't common knowledge was that the Church of Scientology found him a new GF before Joey Potter even came into the picture.

So, here's what apparently went down according to this Vanity Fair article that's just come out.  A few months before his romance with Katie Holmes began, top Sci-Ti's were interviewing women within the church to find a new girlfriend for Tommy.  After months of auditing various women (auditing: that crazy thing they do where they basically force you to tell them your deepest darkest secrets), they decided on the actress Nazanin Boniadi-- which was crazy to me, because I've actually met Nazanin.  Back when I was an exec at ABC Daytime, we cast her in a show called Night Shift (a spin-off of General Hospital) and then later, we gave her a role on GH.  I was super excited that we cast her, because she's Iranian (just like me, yo) and it meant we would have a Middle Eastern character on the show.  I had no clue about her involvement in Scientology and I don't think anyone at the show had any inclination of it.  In other words, if she was still a Scientologist, she definitely wasn't advertising it.

ANYWAY-- Nazanin was flown to New York to have dinner with Tommy boy at Nobu...but there were a bunch of other Sci-Ti's there monitoring them.  She realized pretty quickly that this was some sort of arranged marriage situation, but started dating him anyway.  They apparently lived together for a couple of months.  Boniadi lost all access to any of her own bank accounts and was given a credit card to use for any expenditures (um, that part kind of sounds awesome).  But Cruise ended up not being all that crazy about her, because she didn't kiss his ass enough and because she didn't have her own power like his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.  So, here's how they broke up.

Nazanin was told by the church that Tom would no longer be seeing her and quickly moved out their place into the Scientology Celebrity Center.   She was supposedly in love with him at this point and wanted to talk with him directly, but it wasn't allowed.  Instead, she was then flown to Florida to Sci Ti Headquarters-- where once it came out that she had mentioned to a friend she'd dated Tommy-- they tortured her by making her...clean a toilet with a toothbrush.  Those assholes!

These people are seriously crazy.  When is someone going to come out and completely expose them?   I thought it would be Katie, but all she's doing is following Suri all over New York City.  Ugh.  And I feel really crappy for Nazanin. She seems like a good person, she fights for human rights in Iran AND she has a British accent. She doesn't deserve this. She should totally blow the whistle on these crazy aliens.

Side note: if any guy dumped me and then forced me to clean a toilet with a tooth brush, I would fucking kill him.

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