Thursday, September 27, 2012

the "how have you been?" BLOW OFF

What is it about a break up that makes us want to reach out to past loves to comfort ourselves?  And I'm not even talking about reaching out to them in hopes of a little reunion nookie.  I'm talking when you just have this urge to catch up and maybe even remember what it was like when someone loved you. There's something incredibly tempting (and sadly romantic in an Annie Hall sort of way) about reconnecting with an ex, years later, just to see how much you've both changed.  Or haven't changed at all.
I'm definitely guilty of doing this.  Pre-marriage, whenever I went through a break up, I had a tendency to send that friendly "how have you been" email to a couple of my exes.  Neither of them even lived in the same city as me, so there wasn't even a chance that we could hook up.  Maybe I just needed a little email attention from the opposite sex.  Maybe even a small virtual flirtation was my way of putting Neosporin on an open wound.  Sometimes, when you're mourning your current relationship, it's also a nice reminder that you CAN get over things.  There once was a time that the exes you email out of curiosity were the ones that back in the day, made you feel like your insides were slowly dissolving.

I know Katie Holmes can relate.  Now that she's out of the cult of Scientology and divorced from Tom Cruise, she made a "how have you been" phone call to Joshua Jackson (Pacey and Joey Forever!).  Jackson described the call as, "very nice, actually." Right after they dated Holmes said of their relationship  "I'm just going to say that I met somebody last year, I fell in love, I had my first love, and it was something so incredible and indescribable."  I think it's probably too late for these former love birds, what with him being in love with Diane Kruger and all, but it's nice to know that even celebs have the urge to make that out of the blue phone call to old flames.

Have you guys ever succumbed to the "how have you been" email/phone call?  Have you ever received one?  How did it go?  Comment below!

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