Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Digital Dear Abby 2012: So I Texted...And Then He Texted...

I found myself procrastinating doing the actual writing that I'm going to be paid to do this afternoon and  realized that I have been neglecting one of my favorite websites (other than The Blow Off, of course) recently.  That website is Jezebel and the time I took away from earning an income was 100% worth it.  I don't always love the actual articles that they post but I do usually find that they post about new topics/stories/information that I like to investigate on my own, and today was a gem!

Jezebel posted an article about a new website called "HeTexted".  The ladies who started this site are fucking genius.  Women post texts from the guys they're seeing and readers have the chance to advise the female poster if they think that the guy is into her, not into her, or if the verdict is still out.  There is also a way to heart the text, which is akin to liking something on Facebook, and a place to comment for a more in depth analysis on the texts.  There is even an "Ask A Bro" section where you can ask their male experts, Mason & Ben about your particular situation.  PS I kinda have a thing for Ben, especially as he refers to himself as a D-Bag in his bio on the site and he looks a little like Matt Lanter from 90120.

I don't know about you out there, but I do a Hercule Poirot-esq inquisition of all of my friends, and lets be honest, sometimes the Starbucks barista, when there's a new guy in my life and he texts me.  We all want to decipher if it means that we should start saving up for that Monique L'hullier gown and booking The Adamson House as a wedding venue or if he just wants to have a taste of our biscuit.  For me, this site is like crack.  It is complete strangers giving me their opinion on the text.  They have no reason to be kind or sugarcoat the situation as they will not be the one potentially holding my hair back after seven vodka sodas.

The bigger question though is why do I, and apparently enough women out there for these guys to create a website, need these answers from outside sources?  Have we become so delusional that we can twist texts to mean exactly what we want them to for our ego's sake, so we need a third party to keep us in check?  Or do we need confirmation that what we're thinking is accurate?  Regardless, why do we have to analyze and overanalyze these forms of communication?  Tone cannot be deciphered easily over text message and something that was completely innocuous or even sweet can be morphed into a completely different message with the power of our brains...and with our friend's brains combined with it, it can be lethal.  We should also have the confidence to read the messages as whatever they are at face value and go on with our daily tasks instead of engaging the entire world wide web to see if his drinks invitation means he's thinking about what your kids might look like.

Here's my call to action: Put down the phone and stop obsessing.  Yes, this is easier said than done, but can you think of how much time this would save us?  This would free up so much of our brain power that we could put to actual good use. But if you want some great entertainment or want to procrastinate, I highly recommend taking at look at HeTexted.  Oh, and guys, how about we skip the texting and call me, maybe?  This could all be avoided.

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  1. I could have really used this service back in the day, sometimes i don't think friends can be trusted for the right responses-- they can project their own dating stuff onto yours. But ultimately, you are right, when the person likes you enough one bad text is not going to turn them off.