Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's wedding photo: An analysis

At first glance, you might look at this photo and think: how sweet.  He loves her so much he can't keep his feet on the ground.  But that's not what I see, folks.  I see a groom (and husband) that's not willing to give his bride (and wife) the spotlight or the chance to shine.  I'm seeing a guy that says "look at me!!!!"  I'm seeing an ego that's so big, it's practically leaping off the magazine cover.  And I see a girl that's completely content in letting "Justin" be "Justin."  Which is probably why this relationship works so well.  If J Biel wants to be with JT, she has to get one thing clear: He's the star.  He's the leading man.  She just has to sit there and look pretty (literally.)

Also, side note-- I can't deal with an entirely pink wedding dress.
And nobody puts Britney in the corner!!!


  1. Aside from the photo, which I will get to in a minute, I'm incredibly annoyed by the hypocrisy of Justin & Jessica. Of all of the celebrities, they are the two that are most vocal about how they hate the paparazzi and want to be left alone. Hi, selling your photos to PEOPLE Magazine isn't exactly keeping you out of the public eye, just drumming up more interest by the public and hey if you sell magazines guess what's gonna're gonna get papped. I will say I haven't seen any press release about them donating the money the received for the photos ($300,000.00) to charity so that's not even an excuse.

    I can't even with this dress. It's horrible. And I really don't know what else to say besides girl, get a new hairstylist bc the side bangs are not working.

    I agree with you that JT wants the spotlight. Also when you said that J. Biel lets JT be JT that means she looks the other way when he bangs other women.

    Also poor Britney. This whole defamation trial and now she's forced onto JT's wedding mag cover. Save BritBrit!

    For some reason this whole thing annoys me.

  2. Such a good point! i was actually shocked when i heard they were selling their wedding photos. I completely assumed they would be one of those couples that would keep that shit under wraps. I also feel like $300K isn't that much money for them-- not enough to warrant selling the pics, so that it wasn't even really about the money as much as it was about the publicity. i definitely don't think he will be faithful to her at all. And really truly messed up of People to put Brit Brit on the cover. Talk about salt in the wound. I can't believe JT was my #1 for awhile.

  3. All of that being said, I'm kind of curious to see the rest of the pics to see if the rest of the wedding was as much of a train wreck as J Biel's dress

  4. um, yeah. I will totally be buying this issue.

  5. Also, he freaking sang and played the guitar as she walked down the aisle. WTF?! Talk about stealing her thunder even more.