Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the bi-curious BLOW OFF

If a girl tells a guy she's dating that she's hooked up with women in the past, it tends to be a turn on.  It's more socially acceptable.  Girls are supposed to experiment.  It doesn't necessarily mean they are lesbians.  But how would you feel if a guy you were dating told you he'd hooked up with a guy in the past?  Is this a deal breaker?  Are there different levels of deal breaker (kissing a guy VS getting head VS giving head VS full on boning?)

I tend to feel like if a guy has had hook ups in the past with dudes--- then it's cause for concern.  I mean, what if in twenty years your husband comes out of the closet and when people ask if there were any red flags-- you're forced to respond with: well, he did get regular BJs from guys in college.  But then again, I'm admittedly a little uptight when it comes to these things.  A good friend of mine who's gay used to tell me about how he loved getting straight boys to let him go down on them in college.  Some of them, he claimed were probably gay and in the closet, but others he was sure were hetero-sexual and were just bi-curious.

What do you think, ladies and gents?  Where do you draw the line when it comes to sexual experimenting with the same sex?  Comment below!


  1. from a str8 perspective... at a certain point, being undecided maybe is a kind of survival strategy... can seem like a bounday issue-self control thing if they're flirting both ways...
    but at 2:30am is that really worse than pussy whipped whiskey dick?
    (excluding the 25% of 10%? ...someone please check my math)

  2. Let me preface what I'm about to say by stating that I believe that everyone has the right to live whatever lifestyle they choose and love/ sleep with whomever they want. But, personally when it comes to dating I don't think I'd feel comfortable with dating someone who identifies themselves as bi-sexual. My main reason is that I feel like they aren't quite sure of what they want. Not to diminish sexuality to food (but doesn't everything relate back to food?) but I love steak and pasta. But sometimes I'm in the mood for steak and sometimes for pasta but steak will never satisfy me like pasta and vice versa. While I love them both but when it comes down to it, i love and want one more. I date enough men who aren't sure of what they want in the relationship without adding another gender into the mix. And if you like men and women are you ever satisfied cutting one out for the rest of your love for a monogamous relationship or marriage? If at some point the guy I'm dating wants a guy, there's nothing that I can do or give him to satisfy that. I have enough dating issues that this is one that I don't need to add to the mix...BUT support everyone's civil rights and the entire LGBT community.